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APRIL 2014
                              Day                 1st class                          2nd class  

                              Tuesday  1st        6:30pm Chest/Biceps                    7:10pm Back/Triceps
                              Thursday 3rd        7pm          Abs                               Have a wonderful evening!
                              Saturday  5th        11am    CORE N MORE                 LIVE IT UP!!                 
                              Monday    7th       6:30pm          Legs                          7:10pm Shoulders

                              Tuesday   8th       6:30pm Back/Triceps                     7:10pm Chest/Biceps
                              Thursday 10th       7pm      Total Core                        Have a wonderful evening!
                              Saturday  12th      11am    SIMON SAYS..                  LIVE IT UP!!
                              Monday    14th     6:30pm    Shoulders                      7:10pm Legs

                              Tuesday  15th       6:30pm Chest/Biceps                   7:10pm Back/Triceps
                              Thursday 17th        7pm CORE CORE CORE            Have a wonderful evening!         
                              Saturday 19th        11am    COUNTDOWN                 LIVE IT UP!!
                              Monday   21st       6:30pm Legs                                 7:10pm Shoulders

                              Tuesday   23rd      6:30pm Back/Triceps                   7:10pm Chest/Biceps
                              Thursday 25th        7pm          Abs                             Have a wonderful evening!
                              Saturday  27th       11am   Boot Camp                      LIVE IT UP!!
                              Monday    29th       6:30pm Shoulders                       7:10pm Legs

                              Tuesday 30th        6:30pm Chest/Biceps                   7:10pm Back/Triceps
                              Thursday Our 3 month program ends and a new 2 month shed n shred program begins...

April is HERE!!!
Our final month for body sculpting is here!!!
Next month we start to exercise to shed pounds and shred bodies so let's get ready!!!